A program of the Ashbrook Center | July 7-13, 2024


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does HCI cost?

Nothing! It’s completely free to those who are selected due to generous support from the Teagle Foundation.  All expenses related to the program are paid including travel, food, housing, shuttle to and from the airport, and books.

How do I apply to be part of HCI?

Ashbrook has established relationships with a number of Title I schools across the country who assist us in finding qualified students to participate in HCI. If you’d like to nominate your school to be a part of HCI, contact us at hci@ashbrook.org.

What will students learn at HCI?

HCI focuses on a study of classic literature and philosophy from Plato, Aristotle, and Shakespeare to the American Founders, Frederick Douglass, and W.E.B. DuBois. Our conversations are not simply limited to the classics, though. We also help students become more knowledgeable about the benefits of college education along with advice on applying to colleges and seeking financial aid. Students will also be given opportunities to improve their writing, critical thinking, and analytical skills.

Where will students be housed during HCI?

All participants in HCI will be housed in air-conditioned double-occupancy dormitories at Ashland University. Each room has a bed, a desk, a wardrobe, and a dresser for each resident. The dormitories utilize community bathrooms and have access to kitchen and laundry machines.

Does the college credit earned at HCI have to be used at Ashland University?

No, the credit participants earn is transferrable to other institutions.  However, we believe that Ashland University is a fine college and is a particularly good choice for students interested in pursuing degrees in history or political science. If you are interested, look into Ashbrook’s undergraduate program, the Ashbrook Scholar Program.

How will students from outside of driving distance travel to HCI?

We will make airline reservations for our participants who cannot make it to our campus by car. We will work with students and their teachers to find flights that work for the student before booking. We will also arrange and provide a shuttle to our campus from Cleveland Hopkins airport. At the end of HCI, a return shuttle will also be provided.