A program of the Ashbrook Center | July 7-13, 2024


About HCI

About the Program

The Humanities Citizenship Initiative is a weeklong program on the campus of Ashland University that provides students with the college-level skills necessary to read and analyze great literature by engaging in discussion and debate. Students will spend their time in the program exploring great ideas in works from Plato, Shakespeare, Frederick Douglass, and many others allowing them to examine civic concepts both ancient and contemporary. In addition to these studies, students will learn what college life is like, explore scholarship and tuition opportunities with college professionals, learn how to apply to college and navigate the college admissions process, and develop familiarity with the college classroom setting all while receiving college credit for their work.

About Ashbrook

The Ashbrook Center is an independent academic center located at Ashland University. Since 1983, Ashbrook has grown into a truly national organization supporting teachers, students, and citizens from across the country. Ashbrook’s mission is to strengthen constitutional self-government by educating our fellow Americans in the habits of reflection and choice necessary to perpetuate our republic.

Our Faculty

Chris Burkett

Associate Professor of Political Science, Ashland University

Dr. Burkett has been at Ashland since 2005 teaching courses in American political thought, foreign policy, and institutions. He serves as the Director of the Ashbrook Scholar Program and as the Academic Director of Ashbrook’s Summer Programs.

Greg McBrayer

Associate Professor of Political Science, Ashland University

Dr. McBrayer has been at Ashland since 2017 teaching courses in political philosophy, political economy, and international relations. He serves as Director of AU’s Core Curriculum and as Assistant Director of the Ashbrook Scholar Program.